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my son had his tax done last week at liberty, he is active military and young (20). his filing was very basic and took less then 10 minutes, he was charged $270!

my advice to him is that don‘t ever go back to them and tell all his mates to stay away. liberty is a ripoff, especially if the customer is young and not making much money.

most importantly, ripping off someone who is serving his country, there is absolute no ethics with liberty. stay away!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Tax Tax Preparation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Most Liberty Tax offices do military returns for free sometime in March.


Welcome to the real world !! They all charge about the same....and the amount you get back also reflects what your charged, how complicated their returns are, If you are a student or in the MILITARY !!

Yes they all Rip you the sheds with their Fees but they ALL do it equally... So you know what you do when you don't like their prices ?? DO IT YOURSELF !!

Sit down and school yourself and teach your son how to Be self dependant so you don't have to complain about what your being charged for another persons work...And FYI they know what they are doing that's why it didn't take long ..

You said 10 minutes but it's more like 45 ... They treat all their customers the same so do the world a favor - lose the Victim Poor me mentality and become ProActive !!

to S0whatsY0uRp0inttt #1525119

Lots of what you stated is false. Most of them DONT know what they are doing.

$270 for a single military return is basically raping someone. I have done taxes for over 20 years. It would take me about 5 mins to do this return and cost about $60.I used to run several liberty locations. I know this system in and out.

They are crooks. The preparers are TRAINED TO LIE.

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