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I worked for Liberty Tax service in Palm Bay FL after taking their tax preparation course. After the course was completed, the franchise owner had mandatory training sessions for employees/future employees.

When asked if these hours would be paid, he responded "No, it's only training." I filed a complaint with the Department of Labor Wage and Hours Division. While they agreed that the hours should have been paid, they declined to litigate the case. I also emailed corporate about this problem and they were unresponsive. Besides refusing to pay wages for desperate employees, he also raised the number of required returns to qualify for a bonus.

I found out from a manager that the required number the previous year was 50. Apparently, some employees got close to that number so this year he raised the number to 75.

My advice would be to stay far, far away from this Liberty Tax service franchise. Actually, I would stay away from all of them since corporate is condoning this behavior by their inaction.

This reviewer shared experience about "illegally withheld wages" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $80. happykayaker is overall dissatisfied with Liberty Tax and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1117264

I worked for one in Greenville, SC and was let go before the season ended due to lack of business. Everything I prepared was useless because he said we had to work through the end of the season in order to get commission.

He only stated this AFTER termination. Will never work for them again!


What is the owners name I have had issues with that owners franchise and have gotten no help I'm a veteran and it upsets me that a person like that can even use the American colors or the words liberty in his businesses.

to Anonymous #1029372

Franchise owner is Ben Teaford

to Anonymous #1426273

so tru i had a terrible day today at liberty..they are lyers and theif i reside in ny..i went to liberty on webster ave n tremont...i refered someone jennifer mess his state up and then told him several was rejected 2.they resummitted it and they did not..3..they told him state was closed..4.then today they told him it was accepted and it was not..he was on the phone with nys taxes while the tax person was lying..when i called her out as a lyer ..her friend wanted to fight ..i was ready so ready too..the issue was she lied dont play with ppl ss n taxes could of been ugly..they should close liberty tax all of them down..they are com artist.....

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