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I first went to Liberty Tax on February 2 to get my taxes done. I recently went through a year with many life changing events that have occurred (divorce, selling a house and son in college) and I wanted to make sure my taxes were done right. I picked Liberty Tax because of the location and when I called the office the woman I spoke to sounded very nice and sincere.

I wanted my taxes done so I could help my son in college apply for FAFSA and other federal aid. I am a single mom to three boys, so all the help we can get is needed and appreciated.

What happened was return was filed but:

1. Did not ask for amendment to be filed separately. I was told it could be done with no extra charge or additional action on my part. It was done because Liberty Tax/preparer could get their fee quicker.

2. I was not informed of Bank/Liberty Tax fee to take the 440.00 out of tax return nor informed of other options. I signed no consent agreeing to this and received no list of my fees to be charged.

3. No Amendment was filed from February 2 until I called on June 5 and made arrangements to come by after work at 615 pm on June 5 to sign the new form.

4. No communication either by email, phone call or letter. All contact information was known to Liberty Tax. I even called late in February to inquire about the bank fee and to ask about the amendment’s estimated time I would receive it. “A couple of weeks” is what I was told.

5. Sometime in March I went by Liberty Tax to pick up my original documents and again nothing was said to me about the amendment needing a signature.

6. On June the 5 when I came by Liberty Tax to sign the new amendment documents, I talked to Maria and asked for the name and number of store manager and she said she was the store manager. In discussing the matter of the amendment just now being filed, I asked what happened when it should have been filed back in February. Maria replied that she did not know what happened, “…it just fell thru the cracks” and she also told me that it was their fault and it should not have happened but it did and she was sorry.

7. Since June 5 and sending an email on June the 6, about my experience with Liberty tax to corporate, I have received numerous calls from various people, like the owner, district manager and another manager. Unfortunately none of these people calling to help me with my issue have understood what is going on. I explained in great detail in an email to corporate what my concerns where regarding the inadequate customer service from Liberty Tax. The corporate person that I contacted, a person by the name of Mary Sorrell decided not to share details of my complaint with the local office, instead left them uninformed and attempting to respond to one issue that had already been taken care of by me. The corporate office apparently does not care about my issues, complaints or concerns because I asked them not to have anyone from the local office contact me and as evidenced by the numerous calls I received over the weekend that is all who was trying to contact me.

8. Two times I have spoken with people associated with this particular office on the phone. In those two times, both have talked over me, assumed they knew details which were untrue and generally disregarded has having valid claim for asking for my money back. In one instance the call was disconnected and no attempt was made to call me back. In another mention was made that I received 50.00 back from Liberty Tax and in actuality I only paid 390 dollars for the tax service. But since this was a promotion and not offered as an option for reducing the tax bill owed, I consider this a disingenuous attempt to try to reduce the amount I might potentially claim as a refund for the woefully inadequate tax service.

According to the website some of your very own mission statements are: Be honest, show respect and have integrity, Mistakes are a wise persons' education and Communication, Communication, Communication. In this case these particular values were discarded for expediency and profit. In an attempt to gain their fee as quickly as possible, the preparer and Liberty Tax did a rush job on my tax return and the subsequent amendment was not filed at all because of course there was no additional charge to me. This is not acceptable customer service; the amount I paid for this unprofessional and amateurish tax return was 440.00. Why should I have to pay for other people’s mistakes. I believe I am entitled to a complete refund for this careless and substandard service. The amendment was never filed, I was never contacted to get me to come into sign a new one and I had to call to find out what should have happened four months ago. I am so disappointed that Liberty Tax would treat their customers in this unprofessional way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Tax Tax Return.

Monetary Loss: $440.

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Brandon, Florida, United States #796438

Don't it seem odd that Indiana is speaking up for this company well my girl is getting the same exact treatment and her and her kids are suffering the best part is she's been on the phone with them alot and weaver recorded some interesting statements that her lawyer says is gonna be awesome for us in a class action law suite

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #795834

not all Liberty Tax offices treat their clients this way. Be specific with the location.

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