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Hello fellow readers I want to let others know how bad of a experience I had with this company. My wife and I had our taxes done and we had to come back up to have them do an injured spouse form.

Well they filled the form out for us and we asked what we needed to do when we sent it back, They said just mail it back to the state on MI. So we did and a couple weeks later we receive a statement saying half of my wife's refund was being taken due to not sending a copy of our lease. So I call the treasury dept. and they tell me to read the instructions and low and behold it says "If proof of sole ownership or leasehold is not received with this form, The credit will be divided between both spouses."

Well with this new info in hand I call liberty tax to find out why I paid to be told wrong information.

A woman named tiffany dials answers and I start asking why no one said to send my lease copy with the form, She tells me that you do not need to and that the state of MI is just trying to get everyones money. I read the line from the form to her and after each of the 4 times I read that to her, Everytime I would finish stating the instructions she would tell me I was wrong and each time she got more degrading and snotty with me because I will argue if you keep telling me that the instructions are wrong. So after about 30 minutes of her telling me I was wrong I was fed up with the call and asked her if I could speak to a manager, She got real snotty with me and I told her that once she started getting rude with me I started recording the conversation. So she says that she cant talk to me and that shes going to call the cops on me for that so now I get really mad that she says shes gonna call the cops for recording her when it was LEGAL to do.

So now telling her I want a manager and that I recorded the call she starts telling me I was acting like a baby and so forth and hang up the phone. I try calling back after being hung up on to get no answer. So I call corporate and make a complaint and a hour later the cops come. Tiffany told them that I threatened her because I said Id come up later, How thats a threat I have no clue.

I had the paperwork from the state which showed they were wrong and instead of saying to bring it up and show her she kept ramming it down my throat that I was wrong so how is it a threat for me to say Im gonna show her the proof she was wrong. Nope she called the cops saying I threatened to come up there after they messed up our taxes. It took 3 days for the franchise owner mario quinto to return my complaint call which corporate said he would call within 24 hrs. So my wife and I get a call from mario telling us to bring the paperwork after arguing for 20 minutes.

I get there and show him the form and he admits that you do in fact need to send in a copy of your lease but thats all he did and NOT once did he apologize for them giving us the wrong info. So we are talking and he starts talking down upon my wife in front of me and I tell him to stop with the degrading of us and this man starts to giggle. I held my composure for this man even as he treated my wife like garbage and we keep talking about this and after like 20 minutes of talking and saying he will let customers from now on know they need to send in the copy of the lease he says theres nothing he will do. He also says that the tax laws changes and this must be new, But Michelle at Mi Treasury who worked there for 10 years says that you have ALWAYS needed to send in the lease.

So liberty has bee misfiling peoples taxes for many years. When we come to get our taxes done we expect the tax prepper to know what the instructions say and if we pay for them to give us tax advise then it needs to be correct. In my case and many other peoples cases liberty did not know how to fill out Form 743. In my case not only did everyone tell me I was wrong but they had the cops harass me and my wife lost about $250.

Their site says "If an error is made in the preparation of the customer's return that results in a cost of interest or penalty, we will pay that interest and penalty." Well this was a penalty that cost my wife $250 that she was not obligated to pay and these people and this mario guy refuse to honor their companies word because they made an error. Bottom line I would not advise anyone to visit liberty because they in fact do not know how to fill out this one form and I want to know what else they dont know about taxes, But also tiffany and all the people I have talked to with this company have zero customer service skills at all and they CANNOT accept the fact that they were wrong.

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Thoughtful writing , my colleague recently found http://pdf.ac/1czgIV to sign pdf , It's pretty efficient to learn and it's useful . I am guessing they have a 30 day trial now

San Francisco, California, United States #795975

in the future purchase turbo tax. all of the questions that a tax preparer asks you are the same that they ask.

never audited and always got money back.

been screwed royally by h and r block, liberty etc.... never again.

to been there done that Lapeer, Michigan, United States #1123026

Turbo Tax is not equivalent a tax preparer. H&R block, Liberty, Yes they are pathetic, However, Turbo Tax takes the cake for most ***-ups per return.

10% of the ones I look over are correct. The other 90% are messed up, usually to my clients disadvantage. So after I fix their last 3 years and get them thousands of dollars back, I then have to explain that the returns 3 years old can't be collected on.

My advice, find a local tax preparation service, and use them.

They are usually fair priced, and knowledgeable.

Don't use a national chain, they hire part time help and usually have little to no experience. Just know that most people file their own taxes wrong, and you can easily short yourself thousands of dollars if you don't know what to do.

Troy, Michigan, United States #651331

I have already went thru all the hoops with corporate and each time they said it would be resolved within 24 hours that the owner mario would call me back. First off he kept blowing off on calling me till around a week later then your franchisee would not admit wrong and still will not.

I have went as far as to file a complaint thru the BBB but since they do not resolve issues the complaint was closed and I was told by the BBB to follow up with Michigans Attorney General which I will be forwarding everything including recordings of your company harassing me and then calling the cops on me when the employee was wrong.I have already called the office and explained over the phone to see if they want me to file it and lo and behold when they heard that these locations have been giving out incorrect info to customers since they have been open, They were happy and quick to tell me to make the complaint. So your company will not take the steps to rectify their mistakes and I have contacted the right agencies to protect other consumers from your company.


We apologize on behalf of Liberty Tax Service. Liberty takes pride in our commitment to give the best customer service, with professionalism, honesty, and integrity. We will submit your issue to the corporate support team, and to the owner of the office that filed your return. Once submitted, that office should contact you within 48 business hours. To submit, we need the following:

The primary name on the return

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Tax year of return

Office location (street, city and state)

You may relay this information over the phone by calling 1-800-790-3863 or email customercare@libtax.com


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