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Went to get my taxes done at liberty tax and they charged me 150 dollars that was on the 11th of February. Today is the 6th of march and they tell me that they took my whole check because that is how much it cost 300 dollars.

I know it may not be much but it is my money. How do I get that back?

The head man on 48th street in Lincoln,NE told me that there is nothing that he could do because the paper work say 250. Why is it okay for these people to rob you that is not fair.

This person wrote the review because of "because you guys are rude and liars" at Liberty Tax. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $121 and wants Liberty Tax to issue a full refund.

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Naples, Florida, United States #958225

Listen from now on go to the IRS and they have people set up all over towns to do and file electronically for free if you make under $50,000. Call Liberty corporate office and tell them no one explained what the fees would be.

I worked there for about a month and quit because they are so unprofessional. The manager did do a few returns for free where someone's fee would have been more that what their refund was going to be. I could look at someone's w2's and what their federal withholding was taken out and tell them upfront you would not get a refund because the fees would be higher than your refund and I would send them over to the IRS. I'm sure on IRS.gov you could enter your zip code and it would tell you all the places they have set up around your town.

A lesson earned, do not ever sign anything unless you read everything on the page. I am sure that you signed a pad and did not ask to see the pages you were signing. I always went over the fees before I asked them to sign so the clients would know upfront and it us your right to say no and gather up your papers and walk out. Just remember in the future to find out where the IRS has stations set up to prepare and file your return for free.

Tell all if your friends and family too. I thought their fees were horrible and I felt so bad that they were paying these fees and thus is one of the reasons I quit. Who cares about Liberty giving 50.00 in cash the day you file when you have to pay 300.00 to 900.00 for their fees. People need to get smarter about their finances.

As I have always said, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer because people do not ask questions and don't understand what they are actually paying for a service or financing goods, cars etc etc. don't ever feel dumb about asking questions and have people explain everything so you understand what you are getting yourself into. I'm referring thus subject to anything people buy. My daughter went and opened credit cards and ran them up and I picked up a pair of shoes she bought for $50.00 and asked her if she would pay 600.00 for those shoes and of corse she said no and then I went into explains how interest is compounded and if she just continued to pay 50.00 a month on her credit card bill that she owed 6000.00 on that she was going to paying 600.00 or more for everything single thing she bought.

Sorry to run off at the mouth here, it just disturbs he for rich people or companies rip off people that don't name a lot of money. I'm sorry you had thus experience with Liberty. One thing u could do is find who the owner of that franchise and discuss with them that you were never told of the fees and you want your money back.

If the refuse to give you a refund, go to the city and get a picketing application and start picketing in front of their store with some of your buddies about what a rip off they are and how high their fees are and I bet you get your money back real quick. If you need to email me for further questions planey@comcast.net

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