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Liberty tax charged us a $150 fee that didn't even appy to us due to an "error".The bank that made the loan does not owe us the money LIBERTY Tax does and they don't want to pay us.My wife found the error before Liberty did.How many people got ripped off for $150 in this area?Someone please investigate because this company is ripping off people for there hard earned money,and a lot of them will not even notice!We are ready to go to small clams court.Now they are not offering quick loans at all.The people that work at this branch are not even aware of this problem,they were just told they are no longer doing quick loans.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Norwalk, Ohio, United States #610335

I'm highly upset with Liberty as well. I know they charged me $499.

for my filing fee and the only break down of the fees in the few pages of paper work that they have given just shows that $39.95 of that 499 was a filing fee for my federal and state taxes. I also know that I was being charged an addidtional $75. for an amendment that they will have to file for me to get my education claimed because they were unable to do it when I went to file my taxes. The outragous and unexplainable fee is only the begining.

I kept checking the "where's my refund" site and found that it was sent to my bank on 2/12, as of 2/14 it was still not in my bank acount and thats when I spoke with my bank. My bank said that my return attempted to be deposited into my account on 2/13 but was rejected by my bank, the bank told me they did not know why but that other people who filed with Liberty had their returns rejected by the bank as well. I called Liberty back and they denied that they did anything wrong and went on to explain that at this point we had to wait another 7-10 days for my money to get sent back to Liberty's bank and then a check sent to liberty for me to go pick up. I am certain that part of my insane fee with Liberty was so that I would have my money faster and not because they made an error it is going to take even longer and they will not refund me any of the fee.

I spoke with my banks coporate office who told me that they problem with the deposit was that Liberty entered the right account number but either did not specify that it is for a checking account or they marked it as a savings account. This is frustrating because my bank and Liberty are pointing fingers are eachother and nobody wants to find out what the problem really is so that other people are not in my same position.

I cant really place all of the blame on Liberty when my bank refuses to give my anything in writing or even send me an email about why my refund was rejected. I am certain I will be switiching banks as well as never going to liberty again for my taxes.

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